The Lexington Group

  • Lexington Group, LLC provides a spectrum of resources for transforming an ordinary business into an extraordinary one. Growing a business in the fragile economy of today is not easy. Lexington Group has the contacts and business acumen necessary to provide your business with growth without the associated growing pains. We do not offer Band-Aid fixes. We focus our attention on networking and building relationships, which are hands-on, person-to-person, and comprehensive. The professionals of Lexington Group understand that solutions addressing the symptoms of business dilemmas are not solutions at all. Genuine solutions address the totality of a business problem, from the root-upward.

License My Product

  • License My Product (LMP) was founded by Francisco Guerra, a real-world inventor, who has stood at the same point of uncertainty where you now stand and transformed his ideas into a fortune. His knowledge and world-class expertise is now offered to guide you in the transformation of a great idea into a marketable product.

Explorer Helicopters

  • The friendly people at Explorer Helicopters are professionals, but so much more. Our company was born out of a love of flying in general and helicopters in particular. The benefit to you, our clients, is that we are passionate about fulfilling your individual needs. Explorer Helicopters is the home of unequaled values in Robinson helicopters. Featuring a line of the 4-seat R44s, most of our aircraft are imported from our facilities in Europe; this, coupled with very low importation costs and overhead, enable us to provide outstanding aircraft at essentially wholesale prices. Imported aircraft are recertified with a U.S. registration. You will receive personal attention at Explorer Helicopters—your wants and concerns are our priority. In many cases we can provide our overnight clients with on-site corporate housing. If our immediate inventory does not include what you’re seeking, we will locate an aircraft that satisfies your requirements. Explorer Helicopters can further assist by providing you with 100 hour and Annual inspections, training and servicing at your location.