Fog/Cryo F.A.Q.'s

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions received by Global Special Effects about our Fogmasters product line.
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Cryo F.A.Q.'s

What kind of tank to I need? And do they come in different sizes?

You need one of two tanks:
1) A 50 pound pressure siphon tube tank. Make sure the tank has a liquid siphon tube with the pipe that drops to the bottom of the tank to get the liquid CO2.
2) A Dewar tank which is a low pressure refrigerated tank.

Where do I buy CO2?

CO2 is available almost anywhere. Air Gas is a national chain that provides welding products.

How long will the tanks last?

High pressure has 1.5 minutes of effect. Dewar tank has 10 minutes of effect. The average blast is 2 seconds.

Can it cool down an area?

Yes, 25-40% when the effect is running.

How far can you run the CO2 line to the cryo valve?

Best at 20-30 foot hose. Not more than 50 feet long.

Can we order longer hoses?

Yes. Global Special Effects® can custom manufacture a hose to a specific size at a price of $8.95 per foot.

How high do the plumes of fog travel?

They are effected by humidity. The more humidity, the better the white cloud of fog. Normally at least 20 feet to 30 feet.

Can you customize the voltage to run on DC?

Yes, we can custom make almost any voltage. Contact our tech support 256-229-5551 for details.

Can you run Liquid Nitrogen through the hose of the Cryo-Jet?

No, as Liquid Nitrogen, LN2, requires a special hose with metal braiding.