Global Special Effects Partners

The following Guerra Holdings-owned companies are directly-affiliated with Global Special Effects. Virtually every member of the Global Special Effects Family is personally and actively involved in helping maintain the growth and development of at least one of the following companies, which together span nearly every major market and industry. Like GSE, many of these companies are international, and all are experiencing extremely fast growth. If you would like to become affiliated with any of the Guerra Holdings companies, please contact, or visit the sites by clicking any of the links below and contact them individually. To read more about these partner companies and Guerra Holdings as a whole, please visit

Guerra Holdings

Guerra Holdings

In addition to being the parent company of Global Special Effects and nearly a dozen of our partners, Guerra Holdings is also a fully-functioning real estate and property management company. Guerra Holdings acts as an umbrella corporation for multiple small businesses spanning various industries - from transportation, to technology, to fitness, retail, entertainment and more - including large companies like Global Special Effects.

LMP, Inc.

LMP, Inc.

LMP, Inc. is an intellectual property firm that specializes in patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing, and the associated litigation involved. LMP also has years of experience in product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and public relations. They easily and efficiently help companies and inventors get their products to market with minimal cost and hassle, and in a timely manner. LMP, Inc. has been an integral asset to Global Special Effects from the very beginning, as they have been the intellectual masterminds behind getting many of our products to market.

Global Home

Global Home

Global Home is a retail company that emerged out of Global Special Effects during our rapid growth this past year. Global Home also has many products that are managed and licensed by LMP, Inc., as well. They specialize in housewares, kitchen utensils, and home decorations, and many of their products can be seen in various locations such as Home Shopping Network and QVC. Global Home's website is in progress, and soon, all of their products will be available to purchase directly online from

Tech Stars Computer Repair and Recycle

Tech Stars

Tech Stars is a company built around the simplicity of two basic concepts — repairing and recycling. It is a green company that specializes in computer hardware and software repair, as well as technology recycling. Tech Stars also refurbishes and resells previously-owned computers at astonishingly low prices. The folks at Tech Stars are experienced in repairing mobile devices like iPhones, as well as large-scale hardware like professional network servers, regardless of what operating system they run. Extremely affordable hardware, cables, and accessories are available on-site. Tech Stars is currently located in Madison, Alabama but you could see them everywhere in the near future.

SendCity Email Marketing


Constant-who? Constant Contact? Please! Trust us - we've been there, done that, and gotten plenty of t-shirts. SendCity is a professional email marketing service, and of course, it's what Global Special Effects uses for our AfterFX Newsletter and all product updates and specials. SendCity offers multiple services, tailored to meet your individual needs. They can design and send out email newsletters for you to your list of contacts, or you can create your own account and use their template builder to design your own newsletter templates - or even code your own if you are HTML/CSS-savvy.

SendCity has the ability to charge per campaign, based on your number of subscribers, or you can pay monthly, based on volume of emails. You can even buy your own email credits. They also offer the most (and best) features of any other email service provider, especially for the price. SendCity is whitelisted with every major ISP to ensure deliverability, and they also provide the following outstanding features: no badges or branding, free hosting, RSS campaigns, open/click tracking, Google Analytics integration, Mobile-ready templates, spam testing, inbox preview, social sharing, and more. Click here to see the 100+ features on SendCity's Full Feature List.

Lexington Group Alabama

Lexington Group Alabama

The Lexington Group is a group of business professionals and strategic veterans that specialize in turning companies around and providing them with the tools and connections they need in order to help them expand and grow their sales. Lexington Group Alabama works with small businesses and large corporations worldwide, and has helped stimulate enormous growth in many well-known companies around the globe, especially here in the United States. Their professional services include sales & marketing, corporate structuring, sourcing & distribution, mitigation, and public image.

We at Global Special Effects, have personally invested in the consulting expertise of The Lexington Group to help grow our own company and stimulate sales. They have helped our company function better as a whole by completely overhauling our corporate structure to enable better communication and efficiency. We definitely give them an A-plus. Visit them today at, and see how their knowledge and expertise can have a positive impact on your company's growth!

Explorer Helicopters

Explorer Helicopters

Explorer Helicopters is a company that buys, sells, trades, leases, services, and repairs helicopters. Specializing in Robinson Helicopters, Explorer Helicopters offers the best quality helicopters in North America for the cheapest prices, and always has a very nice selection of helicopters for sale at any given moment, ranging from R22's, R44's, R66's, Raven 1's, Raven 2's, Clippers, Astros, and more - most which are visible on their website,

Explorer Helicopters also offers annual helicopter inspections, 100 hour inspections, and always has a variety of helicopter parts for sale, including new main rotor blades, used main rotor blades, and new tail rotor blades, as well as used tail rotor blades. They also provide helicopter wholesale services. If you are an avid helicopter enthusiast, you should definitely check them out.

No Doubt Fitness

No Doubt Fitness

No Doubt Fitness is a fitness studio with a revolutionary approach - all classes are only $5, and there are absolutely no contracts, and no gimmicks. They offer multiple types of classes, including everything ranging from Karate, to Zumba, to TaeBo, to Kettlebell, and even Mixed Martial Arts classes, and more. They also offer Tumbling, Dance, and Cardio classes as well.

No Doubt's trainers and instructors are also in a class of their own, and include World Tang Soo Do Association's 2010-2011 Region 6 Instructor of the Year, as well as one of the Official Soul Train Dancers from 1999-2007 who was asked to promote the premiere of Step Up 2 and was hired by the Pioneers of Hip Hop to perform a James Brown Tribute, not to mention a successful contestant on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

Global Engineering

Global Manufacturing

Guerra Holdings acquired Bobo Engineering in Arab, AL earlier this year and it became Global Engineering. The folks at Global Manufacturing have over 30 years experience in the wire and cable harness industry.

Global Manufacturing engineers and manufactures cable harnesses, control units, and sub-assemblies predominantly to Tier-1 suppliers and OEM's.

General Affiliates and Associates

Zigmont Magic F/X, Inc.

Zigmont Magic F/X, Inc.

Zigmont Magic F/X is a user and official distributor of Global Special Effects Products.

Sucuri Malware Removal and Website Integrity Monitoring

Sucuri (Malware Removal & Website Integrity Monitoring)

Click here to read our article about website malware removal and our recent personal experience with Sucuri.

LSA (Lighting & Sound America)

Special Events Magazine

Professional Lighting and Production Magazine

CaterSource (Magazine, Conference, & Trade Show)

Live Design Magazine

PLSN (Projection, Lights, and Staging News)

SD (Stage Directions)

HauntWorld Magazine

Screen Actor's Guild

Anidea Enginerring

Anidea Engineering

Event Live Expo (Trade Show)

Live Design International (Trade Show)

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

International Cemetary, Cremation, and Funeral Association

Motion Picture Association of America

Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Golden Globe Awards Show

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