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Fog and haze. It evokes a sense of mystery. It represents the great unknown. In the right setting, it can conjure a whole range of emotions and reactions. But beyond theatrical or theme park production effects, fog and haze have increasingly become a staple for nightclubs, concerts, sporting arenas and other high-energy events -- to the wonder and delight of audiences.

Global Special Effects fog and haze machines allow you to offer high capacity, professional quality effects suitable for any venue. Our machines offer trouble-free operation, and our range of selections allows you to match our product size and capacity with your specific need. Combine fog and haze with your colorful lighting system and get a truly spectacular party environment!

Best Cryo Equipment in the Industry, Guaranteed

Also, Global Special Effects is now announcing the release of its revolutionary Cryo-Jet. A self-contained cryogenic effect system capable of blasting vertical shafts of cryo fog 20 to 30 feet into the air. The system may be hung from a truss or mounted on a wall or the floor. With the push of a button on the CO2 Blaster Master Control (sold separately), the Cryo-Jet creates instant CO2 fog; release the control and the fog is gone in seconds. No need to worry about smoke alarms, as CO2 leaves the room clean. If hung from a truss, the Cryo-Jet is able to cool a hot crowd off by dropping the temperature from 90 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in roughly 6 seconds. The unit plugs into any standard wall outlet. Utilizing a rugged cryo valve designed and angled for high flows, the Cryo-Jet is capable of withstanding pressures up to 1500 psi. It comes with a 20 foot hose, valve and stem to connect to either a decompressed CO2 tank or a refrigerated liquid dewar tank.

Stage bands, amusement rides, haunted houses, theme parks and live performers build rapport with their fans by interacting with them. The better the crowds' experience, the more likely they are to be dazzled and attend again. One way for entertainers to attract large audiences is by using a wide array of special effects in their events. CO2 jets produce carbon dioxide, a tasteless, odorless, nonflammable gas that is generally considered safe. Used properly, they will not harm the skin or stain clothing.

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