About Confetti

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Confetti was first introduced in France in 1891. In the years since, it has become the hallmark of celebrations throughout the world. From tickertape parades and New Year's Eve galas, to sporting events and concerts, confetti is singularly synonymous with revelry and joy.

Now you can create that same feeling with the ConfettiMasters line of confetti products. These professional-grade machines are crafted using quality materials and the most current technology, and are supported by a wide array of accessories. Whether your event is a personal party, corporate event or a large-scale show or gathering, ConfettiMasters has the right products to fit your exact needs.

Few other festive effects will ever deliver the memories that confetti can provide. It was there at the end of wars, as we honored heroes and as we passed from one era to the next. Now you can provide those same lasting memories for your small group of guests or large crowd of revelers.

COMING SOON: With 1-3 quick-connect steel barrels, our brand new state-of-the-art Cryo-Jet retro-fit kit can transform your Global Special Effects Cryo-Jet or Cryo-Gun into a confetti or hot dog launcher, streamer launcher, or t-shirt launcher!

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